Pilot Review: Constantine

Hello guys!

Let’s talk about TV series: this new one was already famous even before the actual teaser. It’s “Constantine”.

Anyone remembers the movie with Keanu Reeves? That’s right. And it’s even better: John Constantine is actually blonde and with a trenchcoat (and who am I to ignore a series with a trenchcoated handsome guy?)

The series is based on a comic series of DC called “Hellblazer”. John Constantine, the protagonist, is a cynic, snarky anti-hero who is also a master in occult and magic. He has a smoking addiction and… lots of sarcasm.

[attention: spoilers]

In this pilot, we see Constantine (Matt Ryan) being pulled in a world of Demons and Angels and supernatural creatures again, after he decided to put himself into a mental hospital to forget something really bad: the fact that he couldn’t save a little girl from Hell’s damnation after she was possessed by a demon.

Constantine receives a message and decides to get back to “work”. He needs to save the daughter of an old friend, Liv (Lucy Griffiths). For an unknown reason, a demon is trying to kill her. So, John steps in and informs the girl: her father, whom she thinks died when she was little, was actually a medium and died just a year ago. After convincing the girl, they work togheter to send the demon back to Hell. But that’s just the beginning: seems like something big is coming for John and Liv.

Well, what do I think?

I like the resemblance with the original character: maybe the actor is a lil bit younger but that doesn’t hurt, does it?
I like the supernatural atmosphere and the snarky attitude of Constantine. He’s a man who has seen many bad things and isn’t pulling up a face of happiness or solidarity: he just doesn’t care. And it’s part of the charm.

I did like the presence of POC, like the angel who warns and follows John and Astra, the little girl, even though they don’t have a preminent role for now.

What I did not like was that all the people who were possessed at some part of the episode were all women, in contrast to the team of “experts” of the occult who all seem to be men, and I don’t get the reason behind this choice. I still don’t know how to categorize Liv: she seems to be part of both worlds. I hope that in the next episodes we’ll see more women in the part of the supernatural hunters, and less in the part of the passive possessed body.

I understand it’s just a pilot, so they needed the story to be quick and interesting. It’s actually at a very fast pace, and hopefully the next episodes will be a little bit slower (I don’t mind some simmering 😉 ).
I loved some references in the images, like the fire behind the angel or the faces of demons on the wall in the dark alley.

In conclusion, it seems a nice show, with some problems that can be fixed in the long run.
I’d say you should give it a try, especially if you’re a fan of supernatural, occult and snarky characters.

I’m looking forward to see the next episode, airing on 25th October (my birthday!).

See you soon, John Constantine.


The awkward geeky girl


Cosplay Ideas: Girls’ edition

Choosing a Cosplay is never easy. Beginners always look for something easy to do, and so what’s the best way to choose an easy, cheap cosplay that you can even make at home?

This post is going to help you find your ideal Cosplay based on your physical traits: you won’t need a wig, nor expensive contact lenses…plus the costume is easy to make!

This Girls’ edition contains only female characters, but the Boys’ edition is coming soon 😉

Type one: Dark hair, dark eyes

The average Japanese girl has dark hair and dark eyes. There are plenty of characters who have these features, so it won’t be hard to find some inspiring ideas for your next Convention!


This girl is one of the amazing character of Final Fantasy. Her Cosplay is really easy: a white shirt, a black miniskirt, some suspenders and a pair gloves and you’re done!

It’s your ideal Cosplay if: you feel comfortable having some sking exposed; you have long hair.

It’s NOT your Cosplay if: you feel too shy to wear something short


This is a Cosplay I’ve actually done before. The sailor fuku is not hard to sew even if you’re a newbie: you can find plenty of tutorials online.

It’s your ideal Cosplay if: you have a bubbly personality and you like sailor uniforms

It’s NOT your Cosplay if: your hair is too short or too long; if you don’t feel like acting like you’re bursting with energy


Her uniform is a little bit tricky, BUT you can find tons and tons of pre-made costumes on eBay. She’s the silent, but nice type and knows how to kick some ass.

It’s your ideal Cosplay if: You’re a calm, collected girl; you have some money to spend on pre-made cosplay

It’s NOT your Cosplay if: you don’t have much money

Type two: Blonde hair and blue eyes

This is not your average Japanese girl, but Manga and Anime aren’t supposed to be all about reality, right?


Rin isn’t actually an Anime character: she’s a digital voice who also has a cute Anime face. It’s very young and fresh looking.

It’s your ideal Cosplay if: You’re very young; have short hair

It’s NOT your Cosplay if: you’re a little bit too adult-looking; you have long hair


Strong, determinate: Ino is the girl who demands respect. Also, she’s a ninja. What’s better?

It’s your ideal Cosplay if: you have long hair; you like the ninja atmosphere

It’s NOT your Cosplay if: you have short hair

Type Three: Dark hair, blue/green eyes

This is my favourite type, although I have dark eyes 😛 Let’s take a look:


Haruka Morishima

She’s one of the main character of Amagami SS, first a game then an Harem-like Anime.

It’s your ideal Cosplay if: you have long hair (preferably curly)

It’s NOT your Cosplay if: you have short hair


Ryou Hayase

Looks like the Tsundere type 😉

It’s your ideal Cosplay if: you have long hair; you like pigtails

It’s NOT your Cosplay if: you have short hair

Type Four: Blonde hair, dark eyes

Let’s get to this type: you won’t believe it, but there are many blonde haired, dark-eyed girls!


She’s sweet, overly sweet. And also, has a book that makes people die.

It’s your ideal Cosplay if: you like the gothic/dark style

It’s NOT your Cosplay if: you don’t like black clothes; you have very short hair


She’s strong, but also caring. Her power comes from her magical keys that summon beasts from the Stars to battle for her.

It’s your ideal Cosplay if: you have long hair

It’s NOT your Cosplay if: you don’t like mini skirts; you have very short hair

Type Five: Ginger/Redhead

Pretty rare, but I should also help my ginger followers, right?


She’s the essence of Moe! Very shy and introverted, has a secret about her true identity but always manages to act like the most innocent girl on the planet 😉

It’s your ideal Cosplay if: you’re shy; you have dark-reddish hair

It’s NOT your Cosplay if: you feel uncomfortable with shy characters; you have short hair


One of the most famous Anime of my childhood: Ranma 1/2. Ranma can trasform himself in a girl when hit with cold water, and can return male when hit with hot water. She has a strong personality, and her costume is quite simple.

It’s your ideal Cosplay if: you have short, red hair; you like Chinese-inspired outifts

It’s NOT your Cosplay if: you have very long hair

Bear in mind that these are just suggestions. If you feel like cosplaying a male character, go on and do it! There are no limits in Cosplay, you can be whoever you want.

Just don’t forget to have fun and put some passion in your costume! When people recognize you, or when you have a nice group cosplay with your friends, there’s no need to worry about the smallest details.

Hope this was helpful ❤

Your cosplaying,

The awkward geeky girl

It’s the Nerd’s Birthday! (or, gift ideas for geeks and nerds)

Hey there!

Since October is going to be a month full of birthdays (including mine!) I thought it would be nice to share with you some nice ideas of various gifts great for geeks and nerds everywhere!

Shall we start?

1. Clothing

If you know the person quite well, why not going with a piece of clothing? T-shirts, hoodies or some accessories can never be the wrong present!


How about this nice Rock-Paper-Scissor-Lizard-Spock hoodie? It’s funny and it’s the ideal gift since autumn started!
And what do you think of this Bat-shirt? It’s the perfect gift for a Batman fangirl!

You can find the Hoodie and the Bat-shirt on ThinkGeek.com, as well as many other options.

For more Nerdy and Sci-lovers t-shirt check out Zazzle!

You still want to give something clothing-related but are too shy to pick up a t-shirt? Here some other ideas from ThinkGeek:

Here’s some Star Trek pyijamas! Not enough?

Well, here are some Doctor Who’s TARDIS slippers!

2. Tech

Enough with the clothing.

How about some technology? Nerds and geeks are fond of tech!

Samsung Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch - Black

What’s cooler than a Smart Watch? Samsung Gear 2 Neo allows you to make and receive calls and read more on a large sAMOLED display, can help you with your fitness workouts and also is compatible with many Samsung Galaxy phones! You can find it on Amazon.

For a funnier idea, try this Einstein USB key on Mimoco. It’s a cheap and nice idea for those who need an extra storage space.

Einstein MIMOBOT®

Are they a phone-freak? Always complaining about low battery? Then check this out:

It’s a portable Charger from UrbanOutfitters and it’s called Puku.

3. Home and Decor

Let’s look at something for their nerdy homes. Something to put on a wall or to decorate the space.

'Tardis' Wall Art

This TARDIS poster is great for Who fans! You can find it here.

4. Games and Books

Then how about a funny, sassy game you can play togheter?

I would LOVE to play Cards Against Humanity. It’s funny and has no respect for anyone. You can find it on Amazon.

Are they more of a book-geek?

The Geeks’ Guide to World Domination is a funny concentration of facts, anedoctes and reasons why geeks are taking over the world.

For the truest fans of Game of Thrones, here’s Game of Thrones: a Pop-up Guide to Westeros.

These just a few suggestions. Of course, you can find many more ideas for a geeky present to give to your friends, spouse, loved ones. Make sure to check these out though!

I hope this will be helpful 😉

The awkward geeky girl

Supernatural Season 10: what I’m expecting to see

Gosh, it’s almost time for a new Supernatural Season! Yayy!

And here go my hopes, expectations and whatnot.

So, as I did last time with Season 9, I want to share with you some spoilers for this season:

1) Sam will have more space during this season. He had a smaller role during Season 9, being Castiel and Metatron the main focus of the plot.

2) Sheriff Mills will be back again (hopefully she won’t die). I love the Supernatural ladies, especially Jody Mills and Charlie Bradbury.

3) The “Deanmon” will be an exaggerated version of Dean, not a completely different being. “[…]it’s like an ultra version of a womanizing party animal”

4) Rumors say there will be a Musical Episode! I can’t wait to see the guys sing and dance 😀

5) Again about Deanmon: during the first episodes he’ll often be bound and chained.

6) Cas is concerned about Demon!Dean and will try to resolve the problem, but is also affected by the lack of a proper grace.

7) There probably won’t be any serious female love interest for the Winchester guys, but we already know Dean will hook up with a girl.

So there are the main spoilers.

What do I think, instead?

Well, I think that there will be a lot of problems concerning Deanmon. He’s the worst version of himself and he probably has no moral code or any rule that can stop him. I expect to see a concerned Sam, but also a serious confrontation between the brothers. Dean won’t have any problem to point out Sam’s flaws and mistakes, and that will bring a LOT of Angst.

I don’t think Cas will have a giant role, because of the big conflict between the Brothers. But I hope that they’ll manage to give him a few episodes, cause I love Castiel and I wouldn’t be happy without some Angel (?) action!

Apart from that, I’m already a little bit pissed about the hook up of Deanmon. I mean, sure, he’s now acting like the worst version of himself, but do we really need to cast another unmeaningful female love sex-interest for the sake of a big no homo?

And finally. What about Crowley? We’ve seen him become addicted to human blood, but he didn’t lose his evilness, so clearly he won’t in this season, too. But how will they cope with the fact that he’s still addicted? Will they mention it? And how’s Dean going to react?

I find Deanmon fascinating, but I hope it won’t last long. We’ve already seen the womanizer, the badboy Dean Winchester. Okay, he’s now verging more to the violent side, but was he really different than (for example) the very first seasons? I don’t think so.
So, I hope we’ll see an evolution, like we did during Season 8.

I’m also very happy that Sam is not the one possessed XD hahaha! He had his fair amount of various possession, poor Sammy.

Last but no least: I said that Jody Mills will be back, but I hope Charlie will, too. I absolutely love Felicia Day and her character is a mix that I can’t resist (also, pictures nerds/geeks in a positive way).

What about you? What do you think about this oncoming season?

The awkward geeky girl

They’re searching WHAT?!

As I already saw in a few blogs, I wanted to do something funny today 😉

And that’s posting and commenting the weirdest Search Engine Terms I’ve ever seen in my blog. I guess it would be better if I make a Top Ten:

10. dean winchester is a geek

Well done, my fellow anon, well done. Dean Winchester is, indeed, a geek. It’s funny how the show never really talks about it, but  Dean often shows that knows a lot of things about pop culture. It’s funny to know that this search is somehow related to this blog!

9. crying old lady

Er, that’s… weird. Why were you seraching for a crying old lady, sir/ma’am?

8. awkward moments that happen to college girls & how to be a party girl and not be shy and awkward

That’s not really the same thing, but hey! You found a girl who happens to be awkward at parties, but has little suggestion to give you to become a shy party girl. I just don’t think the two terms suit each other. You can enjoy being at a party, but I guess party girls are more the extroverted type. Right?

7. sansa stark faint

I guess there must be some use in looking for a fainting Sansa Stark, although my little brain can’t really figure it out.

6. destiel angst deans mean to cas

Aww, that’s a good one. It’s like the entire Destiel fandom condensed in a search term. Lovely.

5. overstimulation geeks and nerds

I don’t… I really don’t get the reason behind this search. Maybe I don’t really wanna know.

4. that akward moment when you feel like boozing early morning

That’s… even weirder.

3. cosplay is more fun if youre a girl

That’s kind of your opinion, anon.

2. surprise! – awkward.

This kind of sums up my blog x°

1. erotic fantasy slayer girl fake pics’

Now, THAT’s fucked up. D: Go away from my blog, you perv!

There are many other weird search terms in my blog, but I guess these are the funniest (or the creepiest) ones! Hopefully it won’t attract weird people though. D:

Praying for good people to read my blog,

The awkward geeky girl

A fresh, new start (and apologies)

I know. I know.

I abandoned this blog and I’m really sorry. That’s why I made this post: to apologize to all the people who follow me,and to announce…


This year was very challenging to me. I’m getting my university degree, I made new friends and left old ones, I found a boyfriend (!), and I’m also deciding what to do with my life.

I had plenty of time thinking what to do with this blog, and I decided to keep going. Blogging makes me happy, makes me feel creative and is a chance to talk about my passions and hobbies. I know that maybe it’s not the best blog in the world, but I don’t want to be perfect. I just want to be entertaining, interesting and I want to challenge my followers to think new.

I will keep on blogging about nerdy and geeky things. I’ll keep babbling about TV shows, movies and news.

I will also add new categories:

Manga: once a huge interest of mine, I want to remember those good days and keep you informed over the latest news

Geek culture & social issues: I probably already mentioned something about this earlier, but now I want it to be a serious topic in this blog. It’s been some years since I started to have an interest in social issues, especially human rights. I want to combine this with geek/nerd culture.

Hopefully you’ll follow me again with the same interest as before 🙂

Always your awkward geeky girl. ❤

Sherlock series 3: a quick review (and it’s so exciting not to be on hiatus again)

First things first: in this post there are major spoilers for the first two episodes of Sherlock series 3 (“The empty hearse” and “The sign of three”)




After two years of painful hiatus this new year has brought us Sherlockians the brand new series of Sherlock.

I have to say, I loved both the episodes, especially the first one, “The empty hearse”.

So, let me explain why it’s so awesome:


Gatiss has been on Tumblr. For sure. The whole episode was a giant wink-wink to the fandoms. ALL the fandoms.

Want some Sherlolly? Here you are.

No Sherlolly? What about some Sheriarty then? Yes? Does this please you?

Still not enough? Well, my dears, there’s plenty of Johnlock too (and this is not a fan’s fantasy, it’s a plus)

Of course, John. Of course. You’re Shersexual.

Anyway, I felt like I was watching a giant fanfiction. I feel like Gatiss wanted to satisfy every single fan of the series, and I think he managed that brilliantly.
And the whole episode was brilliant. The way Sherlock tried (very awkwardly and very in canon) to let John know he was alive and John’s reaction were exactly like I pictured them.

2) Mary. Mary! I loved her. So sassy and smart and fascinating.

To be honest, I still not trust her completely. She surely has some secrets, and I’m certain this has something to do with John and Sherlock.

3) Character development

But what I liked the most was the way Sherlock’s character was written. After Reichenbach he finally admitted to himself that he needs friends and that he likes this weird thing called friendship. The Series 3 sees a new Sherlock, more human and capable of empathy, but still not losing his sharp tongue and brilliant mind.
It’s not too much about deduction (although there is some), it’s more like how Sherlock’s return is affecting the lives of the people who care for him.

And he’s responding really good. I mean, he doesn’t comment on Molly’s new boyfriend, and that means A LOT.

In a few words, this episode was amazing. Terrific. No wonder the fandom exploded :3


The second episode, “The sign of Three” was great too, but not as the first one.

Here’s what I loved:

1) Deductions. DEDUCTIONS!

This episode was full on deductions, which is the first reason why I started to watch Sherlock. Sherlock is brilliant as always, and I loved how they mixed togheter the wedding’s scenes and Sherlock’s cases.

I think that mixing togheter the wedding and the cases was a little bit risky, because the scenes were long and engaging, but they did it very well.

2) Sherlock’s speech

Benedict Cumberbatch did an amazing monologue, the best man’s speech. Kudos for being able to change register and talk for such a long time, I really loved it.

Sherlock’s speech is like a long, caring and loving letter to John. Sherlock’s accepting Mary into their lives, because (as I said earlier) he’s now a more mature man, and he knows that letting John marry Mary is for the best. She was the one who helped John while Sherlock was faking his death.
But the speech was mainly about John. Sure, Sherlock is still a little bit selfish and consider himself the center of John’s world (and he’s not so wrong about it), but he understands that John needs Mary right now. And he’s incredibly okay with that (at least on the surface). Previous Sherlock would have ruined their relationship (remember John’s dates?) and claim John for himself, but he didn’t. He acted like an adult and expressed all his feelings through the speech.

3) The angst

Okay, I’m lying. I don’t really like angst.

But this episode had a bitter taste at the end. Sherlock put a facade at John’s wedding. I think he really wants to see John happy, and he’s really sorry for having abandoned him and having him think he was dead.
We see him coping with this huge change of life by helping the spouses, but the truth is just that: he’s coping. He wants to see John happy but he’s not happy. He’s slowly realizing he’s losing him, and he doesn’t trust John when he says nothing’s going to change between them. It already happened.

That’s why I felt this pain in my heart when Sherlock eventually leaves the wedding party so soon. “Who leaves weddings soon?” asks Mrs Hudson. Probably the people who are hurt by the wedding, and can’t stand to see their friends or lovers begin a new life without them.

There’s this repetitive mantra during the whole episode: a marriage changes one’s life, they’ll be never be the same again. Sherlock thinks that this applies to John, too. They’re not an exception. So he leaves, saving himself and the happy newly weds some pain.


I was seriously risking to be covered by tears *ahem* rain. Cause it’s raining a lot here.

So, it’s good not to be on hiatus, and it’s good to enjoy Sherlock again. I loved those episode and, needless to say, I’m expecting a lot more for the next episode.

There are still a lot of things that remain unresolved, though. And we’re probably having more crying thunderstorms with the last episode. I’ll just leave you with this:

Shaking in anticipation,


The Awkward Geeky Girl